ROAD n RACE -  Japanese Performance Car Parts
We post items all around the world.
We always aim to find the most economical way to post items
so that we save money for our valuable customers.
In the UK we find that Royal Mail is great for smaller items up to 2Kg.
For larger size and weight items, we have a search program that automatically checks all the leading courier firms to find the best price.
Shipping larger items, such as engines and gearboxes on pallets, is no problem and often the delivery charge is surprisingly low. We have negotiated a special rate with a leading Global Courier Company.
We always aim to pack items as carefully as possible.
We take our time with this before posting anything.
Larger heavy items
such as engines and gearboxes,
will be wrapped and securely strapped to a pallet.
Please make yourself fully aware of all of our terms and conditions before you make any purchase from us.
We sell a large variety of different parts, ranging from Brand New to Used Parts. Whilst every effort is made to ensure that all our customers are happy with any of their purchases from RoadnRace, the following terms of sale should be considered.
The terms of sale for any part we sell will vary, so please enquire at the time, as to any warranties applicable. Most used parts will have a warranty that covers the item for being 'as described' by ourselves. Most used engines/gearboxes only come with an initial 'start up' warranty only, that is subject to certain conditions being met. Please enquire at time of purchasing to make sure you understand every aspect of our conditions of sale that apply to your particular purchases. All goods should be inspected at the time of receiving any delivery and only signed for if everything is in good undamaged order, as expected from our selling description. We should be informed immediately if there are any issues with a part or delivery. Every part that we deliver requires a signature. We are not liable for any refunds or return of any parts that have been ordered incorrectly by any customer. We do not offer or imply any advice as to the fitting of any parts and it is entirely up to the customer to make their own checks as to determining, that any part which we have described, is suitable for their own particular requirements. We always offer a full description of any parts that we sell with photos were necessary. Any photos that we supply will be photos of the actual part that you are receiving. We are not liable for any labour charges as a result of fitting or removing any parts supplied by us, either correctly or incorrectly. We are further not liable for any damage caused to any other part or parts, as a direct or indirect result of the fitting of any part which has been supplied by us. We should be notified immediately regarding any parts that are received not as described. We will advise at that time, on the correct course of action to follow. If any warranty is given on any parts, the absolute maximum will be 30 days warranty from the time of the delivery of the said parts and this should be mentioned on any invoice given at the time of sale. Parts can also be collected from our warehouse by prior arrangement only. All parts collected, should be properly examined at that time in order to fully determine their condition and suitability. Any parts supplied by RoadnRace should be fitted by a qualified mechanic and all reasonable precautions, including but not limited to, establishing correct suitability and condition, should be taken prior to and during the process of fitting any parts. Any parts supplied by RoadnRace that are subsequently dismantled in any way prior to or after their fitting and testing, will be void of any warranty given by us. Ask all questions before you buy.
All customers purchase parts from RoadnRace strictly based upon the above
terms and conditions of sale.